Postpartum Counseling

We are located in Palm Springs, FL, and provide in-person and online appointments to Lakeworth, and surrounding areas of Florida

Postpartum depression can affect a woman's ability to function in everyday life..

Symptoms include:

     • A loss of pleasure or interest in life,

     • Loss of energy

     • Problems sleeping, even when your baby is sleeping

     • Feelings irritable, anxious or worried

     • Withdrawing from family and friends,

     • Crying, and for some,

     • Thoughts of hurting oneself or one’s child

Women can also experience anxiety during pregnancy or afterward.

Postpartum Anxiety Symptoms Include

     • Constant worry

     • Feeling that something bad is going to happen

     • Racing thoughts

     • Disturbances of sleep and appetite

     • Inability to sit still

     • Physical symptoms like dizziness, hot flashes, and nausea

There is no need to go it alone or to hide these symptoms. Counseling can help and usually starts working in just a few sessions! It's amazing how much you can feel supported and understood when there is someone who knows how to help. Friends and family are well meaning and can be helpful, but if the symptoms are serious, you'll need to speak to a professional. A great resource for information and support is Postpartum Support International where you can find information, a call center and online support groups.

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